Bi-Lo Hometown Educational Rewards Program for HE McCracken

The BI-LO Hometown Educational Rewards program allows parents and supporters to link their personal BI-LO BONUSCARD® to local schools (up to 3 schools). Then, each time they shop with their personal BONUSCARD®, the school automatically earns points towards free equipment and supplies! Throughout the year, the points that schools accumulate can be redeemed for free educational items from our catalog. We have everything from books and art supplies to computers and sports equipment. If there is something not shown in the catalog, we will even find the item and convert it into points! To run a successful program, we recommend that participating schools access the Hometown Educational Rewards website regularly. Schools can browse the online catalog, monitor credit earned, review orders and check for program updates. There is also a printer-friendly coordinator guide with program handouts and flyers! The program is easy and the steps to participate are listed below!


  • Shoppers can enroll their BI-LO BONUSCARD® to support a school through the program website.
  • If a shopper does not know their school’s unique code, they can search for it on the card enrollment page.
  • Once the BI-LO BONUSCARD® is enrolled, each time it is scanned during check out, the chosen school earns points towards FREE equipment and supplies.
  • Cards only need to be enrolled into the program once. It will stay designated to the chosen school until changed by the cardholder.

Earning Valuable FREE Educational Equipment Has Never Been Easier!

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