Youth In Government

The Youth in Government program, sponsored by the South Carolina YMCSA, helps to create the next generation of good citizens. The YIG program demystifies local, state and national governmental systems so tomorrow's adults will know how to effect change within these systems. YIG expands  horizons so young people will understand their role within a global society.  

McCracken YIG students are very busy. The YIG club is held only in the fall, meeting once a week as a group from the start of the school year through the YIG conference in November.  During the early part of the school year, students will form bill pairs and write their idea for a bill, in hopes that it will be passed into law and signed by the state governor. During club meetings, students work in writing their bill, researching information, and debating according to State Assembly parliamentary procedures.  In November, students attend a mock state assembly at the South Carolina State House where they present and argue for their bills.

In the last two years, Youth in Government at H.E. McCracken has won two Premier Delegation awards, two awards for Outstanding Legislator, and four awards for Outstanding Bill.


South Carolina Youth in Government