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Arts in Basic Curriculum


Did You Know?  HEMMS is an ABC Project Site school!  That means we have earned this designation and grant funding that covers a 5 year period that started in 2017 and will be up for renewal in 2022.  With this designation, we have been the fortunate recipients of a $10,000.00 recurring annual grant that allows our school to provide arts experiences for our student body and staff as well as the greater school community.  Two important state agencies provide the opportunity for schools in South Carolina to be able to apply and receive these awards.  First, the SC Arts Commission (SCAC) provides the funding, oversees the grant management account (Foundant), sends and receives grant documentation and guidelines as well as provides support to ABC Schools and manages the Arts Directory of available artists-in-residence.  Second, the Arts in Basic Curriculum Project  (ABC) provides programmatic support, training, and resources that assist sites with their strategic planning goals and philosophical commitments.  They oversee the new ABC Certification Program, support ABC Grant recipients and track all ABC site schools in South Carolina. 

Did You Know?  Our Mission Statement and commitment to the Arts: The mission of H.E. McCracken Middle School is to provide a complete arts education for diverse learners across the curriculum through the arts.  Our Arts Education Vision: H.E. McCracken Middle School is a unique learning community where students learn and grow in and through the arts.

Great Videos on the Art Events Happening here at HEMMS:

ABC Grant Video:                                                                                                                                                          BCSD National Arts Education Week Video:
Art Classes Video:
Piano & Guitar Video:
Chorus Video:
Dance Video:
Band Video:                                                                                                                                                                    HEMMS Black History Month Project:                                                                                       
Life Through A Different Lens Yearbook Contest Video:                                                                                    Media Center Scary House Competition Video:                                                                                                                              Gingerbread House Competition Video:

Art Advocacy in South Carolina

The funding of the ABC Project Grant is distributed by the SC Arts Commission, but it relies entirely on the state budgeting process. Down load the Advocacy for the Arts Info Sheet to learn more about taking action, contacting our state representative, Bill Herbkersman, to let him know how much we value and benefit from these grants, and finding other ways to preserve arts education and keep funding available.