BCSD Academic Policies for Athletes

To: Athlete and Parent/Guardian
RE: Acknowledgement of Understanding of Beaufort County
       School District's Academic Policies for Athletes
To be eligible to participate in athletics at the Middle School and High School level in Beaufort County, athletes must maintain an overall GPA of 2.0. This GPA is established during the preceding semester. Freshmen establish their GPA during the 1st semester of the 9th grade year. Freshmen enter high school with a clean slate. Note that eligibility cannot be regained during the season that they are ineligible. In other words, they must sit out the entire season.  
If a grade should drop below a 77% in any class; the athlete must attend mandatory tutoring and/or a supervised study hall after school. They are permitted to continue to practice and play. However, if they do not comply or show improvement, they may be dismissed from the team. Depending on the need, the athlete may only be required to attend once per week or several times a week.

Parents are encouraged to monitor their athlete’s progress and be mindful of these two Beaufort County School District’s policies.



Please sign, date, and return this form to the coach before the first regular season game.  Failure to do so may delay participation.



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